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Player Setup Files

    Network / Internet Connection
    IP Address Assignment


    You will need (1) a blank USB Flash Drive (2) a computer, and (3) a PlayerOne media player to complete this setup process.
    1. Select your Network / Internet Connection type.
    2. Select your IP Address Assignment type.
    3. Complete the required fields.
    4. Insert blank USB flash drive into your computer.
    5. Click Download File to download file to the USB drive.
    6. Plug in your PlayerOne to power.
    7. If you are using a wired internet connection, connect the network cable to your PlayerOne.
    8. Insert the USB flash drive to the blue USB port on the side of your PlayerOne.
    9. The PlayerOne screen will display the letters “PASS” and then display the network (or Wi-Fi) icon in 30-45 seconds.